I am a self-taught software engineer at LEGO. Previously worked at ASOS. I have taught myself how to code in my spare time through the help of codebar, CodeFirst:Girls and freeCodeCamp. You can read about my success story of landing my first job software engineering job by clicking here.

I have volunteered as an instructor at CodeFirst:Girls teaching young professional HTML and CSS. I am now a coach at codebar and contribute to freeCodeCamp. I am a committed and a fast learning individual who’s ready to tackle on any challenges.



  • Why you should have a coding diary - Talk I presented at Uncodebar4 2018. Tweet moment can be found here
  • codebar Montlies: Panel on "Getting from Student Programmer to Junior Developer"


I started coding at the age of 12 with simple HTML and CSS, making free layouts for a blogging platform called Xanga. Little did I know I was actually coding! I never Googled anything in terms of what the different parts of HTML/CSS did, what I had done was purely based on trial and error. However, school became hectic and I had to put my hobby on hold.

Fast forward to 2016, I became curious what else is out there after finishing my Master's degree. I came across CodeFirst:Girls whilst searching the web and signed up to their upcoming event in Fintech. From there I signed onto their Advanced Ruby course at level 39 which ran for 8 weeks. I found it difficult to get to grips with coding in Ruby, however this only motivated me to continue after finishing the course!

I then started to attend more events and workshops geared towards the tech industry, and soon realised that my passion lies in software engineering! I absolutely love coding! I am now working on becoming a better software engineer day by day! I am currently working on some side projects which you can visit by clicking here.